My journey to primal living

GrokI have always been interested in health and fitness, but not to the extent that you can call me ‘fitness nut’. I have just believed that if you look after your body it will look after you.

So when I finished school I started weight training and taking supplements, (while at school I wasn’t much of a sportsman, I was too busy having ‘fun’). I would buy all sorts of magazines to find out the best way to gain muscle in the shortest time possible, and while I gained a bit of muscle I never looked lean.

I then went to United Kingdom for two years and tried to stay healthy by playing squash and lifting weights, but due to the long working hours I wasn’t very successful, and lost a lot of the muscle I had gained.

Upon returning to South Africa and after a bit of investigation I thought I would try the Body for Life program. I had good results, but could never lose the fat and look lean.

Once I got married and had children I just didn’t have the time to weight train three times a week and do cardio three times a week, eating six times a day also became difficult and over time my muscle mass became less and less and my fat became more and more.

The turning point came when I saw a photo of myself at my 40th birthday party, I couldn’t believe how ‘puffy’ I looked. I weighed myself a few days later and clocked in at 88kg, the heaviest I have ever been. I’d heard about a diet/eating plan called Health Point so I thought I’d investigate. I liked the concept of reducing carbs and increasing protein intake, along with the focus on lots of walking. The plan also promoted ketosis once a week and within 4 weeks I lost 8 kg. I didn’t look as ‘puffy’ and I felt a lot better but the eating plan was very regimented suggesting three ‘square’ meals a day, (one portion of protein, one portion vegetable and one portion of fruit), and two protein snacks a day. It also suggested one protein only day per week. I followed this eating plan for as long as I could but after about a year I noticed my energy levels were very low and I was eating very poorly on weekends. My weight would yo-yo between 80-82kg with my goal being 78kg.

To try and add some variety to the eating plan I searched Google for some alternate protein snacks and was guided to ‘MarksDailyApple‘. I signed up for the weekly newsletter and read a little about eliminating grains and sugars, which I thought was a bit too extreme, I really enjoyed my breads and desserts. The high fat part was also hard to swallow as well as my previous eating plan didn’t allow any fat.

Then a book was launched, ‘The Real Meal Revolution‘, and it became the fastest selling book in South African history. I did a bit of research and what intrueged me was the number of people mentioning better energy levels, so I ordered mine and had to wait for the 2nd edition. I read the book and it stated the same principals as ‘MarksDailyApple‘, high fat, medium protein, low carb and no grains or sugar. So I took the plunge, pushed through the ‘carb flu’ and started shedding weight.

The only ‘negative’ with the book is that most of the recipes are pretty time consuming, so in my continuous search for simpler recipes I kept getting ‘sent’ to ‘MarksDailyApple‘. I also had a bit of an issue eating a high fat diet without any exercise. I thought it was about time I investigated the ‘Primal Blueprint’ a bit more so I read the ’21 Day Challenge’ and was instantly hooked. I ordered the book ’21Day Total Body Transformation’ but didn’t wait for it to arrive before starting the exercise routine. I am now weighing in at 75kg, less than I weighed at school, my fitness levels are increasing and am really loving how I look and feel living the ‘Primal’ lifestyle. All I want to do is talk about it to anyone willing to listen, so I thought I would start blogging again. Let’s see were this leads….


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