The Silent Killer

sitting-is-killing-you-4We all know that high blood pressure is referred to as ‘The Silent Killer’, but there are a number of articles out there referring to a new ‘Silent Killer’, excessive sitting or being sedentary. This may sound a bit extreme but it is becoming a real problem.
I first became aware of just how much I sit when I got to day 4 of ‘The Primal Blueprint 21 Day Total Body Transformation’. On day 4 they recommend that if your work requires sitting most of the day you create a standing workstation, which I had never heard of. Why on earth would you want to stand if you could sit?
Well, I have been doing primal fitness for a couple of months now and my body is not enjoying sitting most of the day. I have less ‘padding’ on my rear and my back has been quite sore. I also have a bad posture when I sit so this contributes to the problem as well. It also makes no sense to me to strengthen my core by planking twice a week and then sitting for most of the day which counteracts this.
Lastly, we are fortunate enough to have legs and feet so why on earth would we want to put them up for most of the day?
So I have designed a standup/sit down workstation which will allow me to stand or sit, depending on what I’m doing. I will post a picture once it is installed, and will let you know how this new found freedom influences my body and mind. Until then, please do a bit of research for yourself, below are a few links that might interest you…

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