My Sugar/Gluten Experiment

Image result for dangers of sugarOn Wednesday it was a work colleague’s birthday and he asked me what he could get for me, (he was getting a cake for everyone else), which was very thoughtful of him. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to see how the combination of sugar and gluten would affect me. I haven’t had sugar for about six months, except for the odd teaspoon in a cup of coffee every now and then. I had a pizza a few months ago so I know how gluten affects me, it bloats me and I feel rather ‘puffy’. But I haven’t had sugar and gluten together in such high concentrations.

So, I ate my slice of cake, including all the icing…
Wow, not only did I feel bloated and ‘puffy’, I felt rather ill as well. But the really big surprise was the sudden burst of energy! I felt like the ‘energizer bunny’, I couldn’t sit still and I couldn’t concentrate! I definitely won’t be doing that again, and I will be far more understanding when my children misbehave after eating a whole lot of sugar.
I think it’s time to stop being an ostrich and educate myself a bit more on how sugar really affects us, how about you?