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My journey to primal living

GrokI have always been interested in health and fitness, but not to the extent that you can call me ‘fitness nut’. I have just believed that if you look after your body it will look after you.

So when I finished school I started weight training and taking supplements, (while at school I wasn’t much of a sportsman, I was too busy having ‘fun’). I would buy all sorts of magazines to find out the best way to gain muscle in the shortest time possible, and while I gained a bit of muscle I never looked lean.

I then went to United Kingdom for two years and tried to stay healthy by playing squash and lifting weights, but due to the long working hours I wasn’t very successful, and lost a lot of the muscle I had gained.

Upon returning to South Africa and after a bit of investigation I thought I would try the Body for Life program. I had good results, but could never lose the fat and look lean. Continue reading